IRON HORSE: Knew back in ’98 I wanted this song to sound like something from that first Montrose album with Ted Templeman producing. Problem is I can’t really play like Ronnie Montrose, and getting the guitar sound right was tricky in this one, so Ted probably doesn’t have anything to worry about. It’s the only one we’ve ever recorded that uses a fadeout at the end. Borrowed the middle section from a song I wrote in 1980 called Backseat Queen that Jim Coyle sang lead on.

TRAGIC NOTE: Iron Horse turned out to be a casualty of length and we decided to leave it off the cd at the last moment. See Notes on American Road.

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU: Watched Coyle build this song over the course of a few hours in the studio and had a blast. Don't know what compelled him to write it (he'll have to rewrite these notes sometime), but I will tell you that I never thought a 60's-sounding Dick Dale surf guitar and an Iron Butterfly-type lead would work in the same song. Not the first time I've been wrong.

RIDE THE HIGHWAY: Freddy Krumins wrote this song when he was 19. He played it better back then than I can now, so he wound up tracking his own guitars on this one. His girlfriend at the time played bass and sang the duet vocal, and they recorded it on one of those 4-track cassette recorders. The original still exists, and we used it to map out this version. Theresa Holmes, who helped us on 'Stop Right Here,' takes the female lead vocal part.