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This testosterone driven cd is not for guys who want to get in touch with their feminine side. Au contraire monfraire, this is a record to be savored while cruising to your local Harley Bar or while displaying your rebuilt 55 Chevy at your neighborhood car show...

...American Road is a very appropriate title for the style of Mom's apple pie rock that Heart Full of Dirt plays on their latest cd. In the tradition of Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Grand Funk Railroad, the band dishes out balls to the walls, no sissy frills, straight ahead classic rock. This is not to say they are not good players because the musicianship is first rate and the addition of well placed acoustic elements also helps songs like the amusing "If I Find Jose" a pleasure to hear.

- Phillip Hardy, New Artist Radio

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Easily this album's songs could have fit in well with the ultimate road trip movie 'Easy Rider.' Heart Full of Dirt meets AC/DC and ups the ante one Aerosmith and then throws in their loaded dice of Americana with a big Cheshire smile. Whether you're hot-rodding or sit high on a Harley hog, you'll find yourself rockin' along to Heart Full of Dirt. Their sense of humor can even be a tad low-brow, which I love, especially on songs like 'Registered Sex Offender' with its lyrics of 'sitting around getting fat, thinking about porking the cat.' It's that sense of humor that permeates the album and gives it a familiar feel that band newcomers will enjoy and love.

- J. Sin,

On their second LP, this down 'n' dirty Seattle-based quintet whip up full-throttle blues/swamp/boogie-rock, while vocalist Mike Regan spits out hilarious, raunchy lyrics in a kerosene-soaked AC/DC-meets-Bob Seger growl. Though the album's title track makes a legitimate bid to replace Steppenwolf's overplayed "Born to be Wild" as the ultimate biker/road anthem, most of the songs display a wicked sense of humor in the tradition of Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and the Meatmen...

- Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover Magazine, Issue # 56

You get exactly what you would expect from this band. Good old American, hit the open road on your bike, get in a bar fight, drunk before noon (one of their songs), steak and potatoes rock and roll. This is some great stuff. Reminds me of old Mellencamp stuff, but much more grittier. The band is loose and the vocals are rough. It's just what this music needs. It's like they don't even care. They're just there to play the music, and have a good time.

- Ryan Lane, Music

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When I first dropped Heart Full of Dirt's American Road into the CD player, I couldn't tell if I was meant to laugh or not. Here was a band enamored of the harder edges of what is now called classic rock, that was writing songs that would not have been out of place on a Molly Hatchet album or spewing out of some spent eight-track machine in a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.American Road is not a nostalgia disc. It appears to be a serious attempt by some rock-and-rollers from the Pacific Northwest to conjure up the ghosts of some deservedly long-forgotten bands and update their sound. The results, predictably, are not so good. It opens strongly enough, with a pair of dueling rock guitars, but quickly descends into bad cliché and unimaginative noise that offend on so many levels. But perhaps I have this all wrong. Perhaps, Heart Full of Dirt is modeled on Jack Black's mock hard-rock duo Tenacious D. Perhaps, I was supposed to laugh. Somehow, I don't think so.

- Hank Kalet,

Picture this: It's Saturday night. It's late and you just want one more damned beer. On the way home you spy a bar with about 20 Harleys outside. You figure, "Why not?" You walk into a smoky, loud bar and Heart Full of Dirt is what you hear. This band plays rough, straight-ahead rock with Southern rock influence and huge chip on their shoulders. If Harleys came with CD players, this would be the soundtrack.

- Impact

...The CD starts with a dramatic percussive flourish, a strong guitar riff, and enough swagger to impress the Stones or KISS, but without the poncy tight pants and the makeup. The vocals are raw and this is the part that reminds me of Motorhead. There's an acoustic breakdown reminding me of Led Zeppelin. And tough-sounding lyrics about how "life is a dead end road, there's nothing there at the end ... gave the trigger a little squeeze, 'no' was the last thing he said." And that's all in the first song.

...Somehow you get the feeling these guys have lived these lyrics. And, yes, that includes cussing out a self-absorbed SUV driver in "Bitch Slap" and "mixing bloody marys in the kitchen sink" in "Drunk By Noon."...

- Gabino Travassos, Mote Mgzn

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AMERICAN ROAD is flat out terrific. For a bunch of neanderthals, you guys sure keep evolving. Fun and driving tunes, unique and poetic lyrics (I mean, c'mon, you have a song about smuggling aliens), and a sensibility, or lack thereof, that exists nowhere else but can be related to by anyone. To sum up, I loved it, will continue to listen to it, and will heartily recommend it to any man or woman who's got the balls to listen to the truth about all that matters. Count me in for life.

- M. Martin

I loved that CD! My favorite was 'Stop Right Here,' and I loved the guitar work on 'If I Find Jose,' but all of them were good. You guys are freaky, though. The last few songs are a little raunchy; big time shock value... but fun. I laughed out loud at 'Registered Sex Offender.'

- J. Brou

I loved the new music. I laughed my ass off on 'Bitch Slap.' Love the woman's voice.

- M. Toombs

I put it on my stereo with some trepidation (I'm pretty much a 70s granola-ish folk/rock -- Joni/ James/ Phoebe -- kinda guy), knowing that I was NOT about to hear a collection of soft ballads -- but was immediately entranced. You guys are seriously twisted! Really good testosterony rock-n-roll music -- wonderfully demented lyrics (alternately smart and juvenile). Great fun -- I loved it!

- B. Hooper

I love "If I find Jose, gonna kick his ass!" and "Bitch Slap" is definitely a must for church! Congrats to you guys for producing this new CD.

- S. West

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