Here are ten of the many rock trivia topics we've discussed during recording sessions for 'American Road.' Thought you might like to join the discussion:

1. Which group of breezy folk-rockers did George Martin produce after the Beatles?

2. Guitarist Vinnie Moore plays on what 70's hard rock group's most recent album? This group's previous guitarist played in MSG.

3. What famous singer-songwriter played banjo on Neil Young's classic 'Old Man' ?

4.The Cult's Ian Astbury sang on what L.A.-based supergroup's revival tour?

5. David Gilmore's two distinctly different and evocative guitar solos from what song on Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' are considered two of the greatest in rock history?

6. How did Humble Pie's vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott die?

7. Which guitarist played for David Bowie during his Spiders from Mars period, and subsequently with ex-Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter?

8. Who refused to play his own songs in public for years after losing in a royalty dispute with Fantasy Records owner Saul Zaentz? This performer's band had many top ten hits in the 70's including "Run Through the Jungle."

9. The author of 'The Basketball Diaries' fronted a rock band in the early eighties. The group scored a minor FM hit with the single 'People Who Died.' What is this person's name?

10. Which Led Zeppelin song is an ode to Robert Plant's dog?

Email us your answers. Get them all right and we'll send you a cd. Send them anyway, even if they're not all right. We know the answers.