Ain't So Hard
(McKeon, Regan)
(Fear Brothers Music, ASCAP)

See that guy in the wheelchair 
Lord, he's a good friend of mine 

walked over a landmine in Vietnam
In 1969
He loves to play pinball; he loves to laugh 
He can catch a longball pass 
Hey - you think that's funny? Well if he had legs
He'd get up and kick your ass 

Well look at him, look at you
Look at me - what do you see?
My mama told me not to discriminate
'Tween people I love and people I hate
Yeah, I hate some people - be a fool to deny it
If the shoe fits, wear it, so why don't you try it?

Ain't so hard to say it
Ain't so hard to say it...

My friend Jack is a little bit queer
I love him but not that way
What he does for sex - well that's his thing
I'd go to bat for him any day
I don't like your music; I don't like your clothes
You don't like my haircut and the shape of my nose
If I don't like you - hey, don't get upset
You can't like 'em all; at least it ain't happened yet

Repeat chorus

It don't matter for color, don't matter for race
Ain't a nice pair a tits, or a pretty face
I don't say it's fair; I don't say it's right
We just won't hang together on a Saturday night